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Cars/ECUs Covered

Alfa Romeo - Bosch EDC15/EDC16/EDC17
Audi - Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Siemens PPD
BMW - Bosch EDC16/EDC17
Citroen - Bosch EDC15/EDC16, Siemens SID, Delphi DCM3.x
•Chevrolet - Bosch EDC16/EDC17
Chrysler - Bosch EDC16CP31
Fiat - Bosch EDC15/EDC16/EDC17, Marelli MJD
Ford - Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Marelli, Siemens SID
Honda - Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Siemens SID
Hyundai - Bosch EDC16/EDC17
•Iveco - Bosch EDC16
Jaguar - Bosch EDC16/EDC17
Kia - Bosch EDC16/EDC17
•Lancia - Bosch EDC15/EDC16/EDC17
Land Rover - EDC16CP39, EDC17_CP42
•Mini - Bosch EDC16/EDC17
Mazda - Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Denso
•Mercedes - Bosch EDC16/EDC17
Nissan - Bosch EDC16, Denso (BETA)
Opel - Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Marelli MJD
•Peugeot - Bosch EDC15/EDC16, Siemens SID, Delphi DCM3.x
Porsche - Bosch EDC17
•Renault - Bosch EDC16
Saab - Bosch EDC16/EDC17
Seat - Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Siemens PPD
Skoda - Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Siemens PPD
•Suzuki - Bosch EDC16
•Toyota - Bosch EDC17
Vauxhall - Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Marelli MJD
Volvo - Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Siemens SID
VW - Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Siemens PPD

After having pain with a remap before and been told that the DPF is the issue, I've taken the brave/reckless/mad step and had the stupid thing removed - and a custom remap to boot

First impressions - f**k me!!! I thought the BSR map was good (when it briefly worked) but now.......simply awesome! Let me quantify that; the car now pulls from 70-100 in 6th like it used to from 50-70 in 4th - and then some.

Oh - and the tuner? FR & R Tuning in Bradford. Loads of the VW-Audi boys rated him so I thought I'd have a go. Top lad, very helpful and knowledgeable.

DPF Removal at our Workshop

DPF Delete Software Only

We can install our DPF delete software to your cars ECU, which will get rid of any DPF warning lights, get the car out of limp mode if it’s in limp mode and will prevent any future regeneration or warning lights. This cost from as little as £150+VAT. On some newer cars we would need to remove the ECU from the car and install our software on the bench, this will be from £200+VAT. We highly recommend having the DPF matrix removed/smashed out before or immediately after the delete software, also there are aftermarket delete pipes, these will cost considerably more.

DPF Matrix/Internals Mechanically Removed

Two options to get rid of the DPF matrix/internals:
1 - Removal/Smashing out of matrix/internals from only £100 labour depending on actual car. This may involve cutting open the DPF box and welding back together after.
2 - Aftermarket DPF replacement pipe, can vary depending on car.

Self Tuning System (STB)

If you would like to install our DPF delete software yourself for example if you are an internatioanl client or cant bring the car to us then we can sell you our Self Tuning Box (STB). The STB (Intelligent Self Tuning Box) is a revolutionary device, with this system you have the ability to not only programme your own car but also swap between 3 different maps, these can range from original, DPF delete and DPF Delete with Performance Software, for the first time giving the end user total control over the software within their cars ECU.

You simply install the software that comes with the STB and select your vehicle, you then read the ECU data and email this direct to us and within 1 hour (during normal opening hours) you will have your modified files returned and ready for you to load too the STB and then onto your car.

There are many reasons why you should chose the STB, the price is around the same cost many other tuning companies charge for just a single remap, the flexibility to be able to chose the software on your car and alter between maps at the touch of a button, the knowledge that the STB is covered by our warranty and insurance.

Available from £315! Cheapest in the country

Through an Agent/Dealer

We have a number of approved Agents who can help you fix your DPF problems using our software. We have agents around the UK, Belgium, China, Ireland and South Africa. We are always looking for more. Click here for agent locations and contact details